My name is Karan (I'm a man, no comments necessary).  And I'm an Indian living in Panama. And when I say Panama, I mean Central America. 

I've been a Vikings fan ever since I learned how the sport worked, but I'll leave this story for another day. I'm sure you may find some controversial thoughts in my first article (but then again, this won't be unusual).  My articles will continue to be a lot like this, so if you want to comment, knock yourselves out.

What is this article all about? Well, since we're days away from the beginning of Free Agency, I'm going to analyze the top free agents as ranked by and their possible landing spots (don't get too pissed if one of the potential landing spots is the Vikings, have to show them some love).  You can find the list, which ranks the top unrestricted free agents in the NFL, here.

I'm gonna be a total ass and say that nobody is really interested in seeing where offensive linemen are going. Their possible landing spots should be in places like Indianapolis, Miami, and Cardinals. But let's go into detail regarding who I think are the 3 most "interesting" free agents.

1.  Jarius Byrd

This guy is the best free agent out there, no doubt. Signs indicate that he won't be re-signing with Buffalo. Where is his landing spot? I have to go with Philadelphia. Chip Kelly has built an amazing team from scratch and this defense is in serious need of secondary help. The Eagles organization is not going to be afraid of spending some cash on a guy that would make them a better team, and along with the draft, they can easily become a scarier team next season.

Other possible landing spots: Green Bay, Chicago and Tampa Bay (his father is a coach there.)

2.  Eric Decker

Most people go with the Raiders, back to Denver, Washington or even New York (both Jets and Giants). But, I'm going with Seattle. Why the Seahawks? Because this team needs somebody to move the chains. They mostly depend on their defense and their offense has the potential of being really scary, but with players like Tate and Baldwin, you can't really expect that to happen. They do already have Harvin, and we saw how that turned out, at least until the Super Bowl.  And some may think that spending big money on another receiver is WAY too risky, but if it were up to me, Decker could come in and immediately make the offense unstoppable.

As I previously mentioned, the other team which I wouldn't be surprised to see him go to is Oakland. The Raiders have shown an interest for him and for Michael Vick. Oakland fans, I will now tell you what your off-season will be like. If the Raiders sign Vick, they will draft Watkins (if he's still there),and if they sign Decker, they will  draft a QB (potentially Manziel, Bortles or Bridgwater). As a Vikings fan, I really hope they sign Vick.

3.  Michael Johnson

Yeah, I'm being a bit unfair here. But the most logical spot for him to land is in Minnesota. Frankly, I hope he doesn't come here. I rather have a cheaper guy in Everson Griffen (ranked #19 in the FA list) who has proven himself than a guy who's gonna significantly impact the cap and also stop the team from signing other good players. 

I'm gonna give you another landing spot for Johnson in Atlanta. Osi was signed last season but this team is STILL very weak at the defensive line. They made up some cap space by releasing Samuel and Nicholas a while ago, and in order to become a better defense, Johnson would fit right in.

I will mention a few other players and where I believe they may land:

1. Michael Vick, QB: New York Jets, Oakland Raiders.
2. Alterraun Verner, CB: Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers
3. B.J. Raji, DT: Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys.
4. Jared Allen, DE: New England Patriots.
5. Sam Shields, CB : Cleveland Browns

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By Karan Chandnani