Ever wonder why you always procrastinate?

I mean, why is it that every time you have something important to do, you end up watching five hours of Youtube videos of dancing cats with sombreros?  Well, not always sombreros, sometimes you watch the ones with dancing cats in tutus, hula skirts, cowboy hats...well, you get the picture.  Heck, back in 1978, only 5% of Americans admitted to chronically procrastinating while by 2009 its closer to 20%. So why are we getting so lazy about getting things done?  Well, turns out, it may be genetic.

According to a recent study, you might be able to blame your parents for why you can't go to the gym to lose those stubborn 15 pounds you got for drinking 1 (or 100) too many beers.  Yup, believe it or not, procrastination might be genetic (I kid you not, check it out here).  And better yet, it might be because being impulsive is genetic.  Turns out, you might be hardwired to get immediate gratification at the expense of your long term goals.  So don't worry, you really couldn't help yourself when you decided to grab that double fudge caramel brownie instead of going out for a jog.  Hey, it worked for famous lazy characters such as Dennis Reynolds of "Always Sunny in Philadelphia" fame and Kenny Powers of "Eastbound and Down."  Or for those of you who are older, think a male, less intelligent, more self-centered Peggy Bundy from "Married with Children".  And look how she turned out?  She ended up being the wife of a motorcycle gang leader in "Sons of Anarchy".  So procrastinate away!

The point is sometimes you can blame something out of your control for not getting something done, and sometimes you can only blame yourself.  And for who the Giants Ditched in free agency, they only have themselves to blame.  But do they deserve the blame?  Now that we've discuss who the GIants Kept in free agency, let's take a look at significant players who the Giants Ditched.

Andre Brown - RB
Andre Brown was supposed to be part of two back attack with David Wilson.  But an early injury put him out of commission, and by the time he was back, it was Wilson's turn to be shelved.  There were certainly injury concerns that indicated that Brown couldn't carry a full load, but he certainly could be a decent part of a running back by committee, coming back last year to total 492 yards with 3 TDs in limited work.  But with the Giants picking up Rashad Jennings from the Raiders and retaining the painfully slow Peyton Hillis, it looks like there was no more room for a part time running back in G-men land. So off to the Texans Brown went.  There's been some positive noise about David Wilson, so if he steps up pairing well with Jennings, there's no reason to think Brown will be missed, letting Brown go was likely a safe move.
Linval Joseph - DT
The Giants run defense wasn't special but was serviceable at 14th for rush yards allowed per game (108.9 yards per game) in 2013.  Linval Joseph was a very small part of that with good speed off the ball and good instincts for holding the run at the line.  Unfortunately, he's not great in the pass rush and has trouble beating pass protectors.  He had one forced fumble and 3 sacks in 2013, but letting him go to the Vikings during free agency probably won't impact the Giants much.  They'll need to build a little depth at DT in the draft or late in free agency though.
Ryan Mundy - S
As mentioned in the last article on who the Giants Kept, they ended up 10th in least passing yards allowed (3573) among all NFL teams in 2013.  Keeping a good secondary is a good idea, but Ryan Mundy wasn't really a part of that.  He does have a veteran presence and relatively good awareness, but he's not irreplaceable.  He'll do well for the struggling Bears secondary (and if you're interested in what I thought about who the Bears Picked Up, check it out here), but the Giants should be able to find a replacement.
Brandon Myers - TE
Brandon Myers had some sparks of productivity in 2013, but only totaled 522 yards and 4 TDs.  He could be better, as we saw of him in Oakland, but never got there in New York.  Letting him go to the Buccaneers shouldn't be an issue.
Hakeem Nicks - WR
Hakeem Nicks was drafted as difference making player and actually performed relatively well over the years.  But his name value has begun to exceed his actual value in New York.  He's had a number of injuries and at times has looked downright slow running routes in which he used to routinely burn CBs.  He had 896 yards in 2013, but didn't have a single TD.  Not one.  Time to move on Mr. Nicks.  Going to the Colts might be a good move for him.  As for the Giants, more depth at WR is a necessity moving forward.
Justin Tuck - DE
I like Justin Tuck a lot.  But I'm biased as I watched a number of games when he played for Notre Dame.  And he performed well for the Giants (heck, I even bought his Giants jersey even though I'm not a Giants fan), but he's had a number of injuries and isn't getting any younger entering this season at 31 years old.  In 2013, Tuck had 2 forced fumbles and 11 sacks, but most of that production came form the end of the year where the Giants chances for the post season were slim to none.  He's a natural at DE with quick movement making him a challenging pass rusher to account for on offense.  Although he works best as a 4-3 defensive end, but has some flexibility, so moving to the Raiders may help his career.  I'll miss him playing for the Giants, but I think investing in younger players and rebuilding makes sense in 2014.
Well, that's it for who the Giants Ditched.  Next time, we'll discuss who the Giants have Picked Up in free agency.  And then we'll discuss the most important issue for the Giants...wait, did I see a link to a dancing cat?  That's awesome!  Wait, what was I doing again?  Ah, can't be that important... 

Hey, if it works for Kenny Powers, it could work for anyone.

By Ha Kung Wong (Twitter: @Rhihan)