Shady McCoy obviously was not a Gators fan.

As we've all probably seen by now, LeSean McCoy told "reporters" (and by "reporters" I'm referring to a camera man working for TMZ, an outlet know for it's tough nose journalism -- and by "tough nose journalism" I'm referring to absolute crap that really doesn't qualify as news, but that I read about and watch anyway since I'm a sucker for manufactured controversy and poor reporting mixed with snarky commentary...wait, that reminds me of something...) that if it came down to taking Tim Tebow or his 2-year-old son for his football team, he'd go with his son.

Little did we know that LeSean McCoy's son was a prodigy.
Sounds mean, doesn't it?  Now, in context, the camera man was asking about "the most talented player not currently on a roster".  But perhaps Shady misunderstood the question.  Perhaps he was thinking "who was the most talented Chutes & Ladders player not currently on a roster."  Heck, for all we know, Tebow could be a terrible Chutes & Ladders player.  Perhaps he always ends on the chutes and is always last.  Or maybe Shady thought the question was "who was the most talented Hide & Seek player not currently on a roster".  And Tebow could be one of those guys who's just too big to find a good hiding spot in 20 seconds.  That's not a lot of time for us normal people, but Tebow is a pretty big guy.  Can't imagine that hiding under a table or behind a curtain is going to work for him.  So let's not all go jumping to conclusions here.  I'd take Shady's 2-year-old son over Tebow too if I needed a Chutes & Ladders or Hide & Seek partner.  Of course, I'd also take his 2-year-old son over Tebow if I needed a quarterback...but I digress.

Remember when this was popular?  What in the world were we thinking...
One thing there's no confusion about is that the New York Giants had a lot of work to do in the off season, and with the way that Eli Manning played last year, Shady's 2-year-old son might be an upgrade for the Giants as well.  So let's take a closer look at who the Giants Kept, Ditched and Picked Up in free agency, starting with significant players the Giants Kept.

Jon Beason - LB

Moving to pick up Jon Beason from the Carolina Panthers in-season was a gutsy move.  The Giants looked weak to begin with and adding one player, who was not guaranteed to be someone they could build on, was questionable at best.  But Beason is a veteran with good pursuit, awareness and toughness and is a huge plus leading the defense both in the locker room and on the field.  He's a proven run defender, but doesn't do as well in pass protection, putting more pressure on an already weak (but improving) secondary.  At 29, age is becoming a factor and Beason might not be able to play every down in 2014, but he should do enough to continue to stabilize a shaky Giants defense, especially with all the pieces that will be available next year.  Re-signing him makes sense.

Peyton Hillis - RB

Peyton Hillis had one good season, saw his picture put on the front of Madden and then proceeded to bottom out in every way possible.  His injuries kept him off the field, and his attitude took him off everyone's holiday card list, and before you knew it, Hillis didn't have a job.  Then came the desperate Giants, and although Hillis did what he had to do "amassing" 247 yards and 2 TDs, he looked slow and plodding all year.  Honestly, it was at times difficult to watch.  I don't hate the re-signing, especially with Andre Brown leaving, and perhaps he has value on short yardage situations, but I don't see a lot of upside here.

Trumaine McBride - CB

The Giants secondary was shaky, but really wasn't too bad in 2013.  They ended up 10th in least passing yards allowed (3573) among all NFL teams.  So keeping some of those parts makes sense.  Trumaine McBride is slightly undersized and is unable to quickly adjust on the field but makes up for it somewhat with energy and agility. He ended up with 2 forced fumbles and 2 INTs in 2013, and he played relatively well in the Giants' defensive schemes, so this re-signing makes sense as well.

Come on back next time when we discuss who the Giants Ditched in free agency.  In the meantime, I'm going to make sure I get practicing on my Chutes & Ladders skills.  Wouldn't want to give TMZ anymore ammunition.  There's already enough embarrassment from that one time I went to that club late at night and...whoops, just caught myself.  Nice try, TMZ.  Nice try. 

By Ha Kung Wong (Twitter: @Rhihan)