Ever wonder why fried foods taste so good?


It's really amazing.  For instance, I hate vegetables of all kinds.  But for some reason, if you batter some broccoli and deep fry it, it's totally awesome.  So you can imagine how blown away I was when I was channel surfing (since I clearly have attention deficit disorder...wait was that a dancing cat I saw?) and I ran into the show "Deep Fried Masters" on Destination America.  Basically, the show/competition revolves around masters of the deep fryer making the best deep fried dish.  And by "best dish" I mean the dish most likely to cause me to have a heart attack in under 30 seconds.  Of course, based on my horrible diet, it doesn't take much to tip me over the edge.  But if I have to have a heart attack, then it might as well be fried mini burgers.  I kid you not.  They actually did it.  It's really brilliant, as what could be more awesome than burgers than battering the burger and deep frying it?  Definitely deserving of some sort of Nobel Prize.  


I honestly have no idea what this award is for.

The point is that often times, the things that are worst for us are the things we want the most.  And that's just as true in football.  Sometimes, the big name (I'm looking at you Chris Johnson) might not be any good for your team (I'm sorry Jet fans, this is not going to end well).  So let's take a look at how the Giants fared in free agency.  Did they go for the fried food big names, or were they smart about they're pick ups?  Now that we discussed who the Giants Kept and Ditched, let's discuss who they Picked Up in free agency.


Picked Up


Charles Brown - OT

I find this to be an interesting move.  Charles Brown was a second-round draft pick out of USC in 2010 (he's only 27) and was a serviceable left tackle last season for the Saints until he was manhandled by the Rams.  After his benching, it was anyone's guess where he would end up this year.  Brown has good pass protection skills but does not do much to open gaps for the run game.  The Giants O-line last year was dreadful, potentially contributing to one of Eli Manning's worst seasons as a pro (as well as particularly uninspiring ground game).  There are still some questions regarding Giants' left tackle Will Beatty as he returns from a down season and a broken leg, so there some opportunity here for Brown.  Plus he has versatility to play elsewhere on the O-line.  An intriguing add and one worth keeping an eye on.

Rashad Jennings - RB

Now that Andre Brown is gone, a decent complimentary back was needed in New York.  And Peyton Hillis isn't the answer (unless the question is "who is the most undeserving cover-athlete of a Madden game of all time").  Jennings played well subbing in for the injured Darren McFadden in Oakland. He's more of a between the tackles runner, but has the ability to catch the ball and has good acceleration.  While in Oakland last year, he totaled 733 yards and 6 TDs.  He has the ability to be a starter and should be a good complement to David Wilson (assuming Wilson can hold on to the ball long enough to gain any yards).

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie - CB

No one thinks of the Giants as a force on defense, but as I mentioned previously, their secondary wasn't half bad.  Of course, it can't hurt to add one of the better man-cover corners on the market.  Domnique Rodgers-Cromartie was decent on a much abused Broncos secondary throughout 2013.  He managed to stay on assignments and pick up plays quickly, adding 3 INTs to his resume last year.  His size helps him position himself in front of long balls, but tends to get beat on deep routes a good amount.  Either way, though, this move should help shore up the Giants defense, so I don't see a real downside.

Walter Thurmond - CB

Walter Thurmond is fine the Seattle system, but then again, as we saw in 2013, almost anyone can be good in the Seattle system.  Regardless, he has good strength and is aggressive in man coverage, but has enough football IQ to work well in zone.  He had 1 forced fumble and 1 INT in Seattle, but I think he could do better in New York.

Robert Ayers - DE

Getting good run defenders make sense, so Robert Ayers is not a bad pick up.  He's more of a backup level defensive end and he's not a great pass rusher, but he can be solid in rotation for the Giants.  He had 1 forced fumble and 5.5 sacks in 2013 for the Broncos and I imagine he can be about that for the Giants in 2014.

So the Giants have done quite a bit of work in free agency.  But they're job isn't over.  Eli is still a big question mark, and not getting any WRs in free agency will put some pressure on the draft.  Either way, let's see if the Giants end up with a bunch of fried Mars bars, or if they really put together a competitive team.  As for me, I'm going to go get a some fried Oreos in chocolate sauce.  Don't worry, I'm fairly certain I can get some fried asparagus too, so I'm fairly certain that offsets the grease.  Now if only someone could invent a deep fried salad...


Ah, the way vegetables were meant to be served!


By Ha Kung Wong (Twitter: @Rhihan)